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Low self-esteem can leave students doubting their ability to succeed, making them hesitant to engage in learning or take appropriate academic growth risks. It is our duty to equip students with the knowledge, tools and skills to face academic-related challenges head on. Clothing Clark County encourages students to be engaged in their scholastic journey. Rewarding student's success boosts the confidence of at-risk children in Title 1 schools in Nevada through various projects and programs.



May Koiyputhong


Clothing Clark County is a non-profit organization founded in 2022 by May Koiyputhong. Having been raised in Clark County, and a student with Clark County School District from kindergarten to senior year, she is keenly aware of the challenges that students can face.


May wanted to make it a mission to help students build confidence in their education and help lessen worry about everyday necessities. The organization's goal is to provide support for students, teachers and administrators, and through improved scholastic performance, kids can earn shopping trips to help with these necessities. Rewarding the scholastic achievement of the students with a shopping excursion allows kids to be vested in their education, feel pride in their accomplishments and have their needs met, all while improving the overall academic performance in the State of Nevada.

When not focusing on making the world a better place for the youth of Clark County, May can be found traveling or spending time outdoors with her family.

Geni Hubbard

Board Director - Secretary & Director of Events

Geni Hubbard is an incredibly talented individual who seamlessly blends her passions for interior design and fashion. By day, she immerses herself in the art of creating stunning spaces, and by night, she hosts enchanting jewelry parties that showcase the latest trends.

But Geni's ambitions don't stop there. She has an unwavering desire to make a positive impact in her local community, which is why she has proudly joined Clothing for Clark County. With her keen attention to detail and love for events, Geni brings a fresh perspective to party and event planning, as well as community and school partnerships. She is constantly brainstorming new initiatives to enhance the schools CCC is partnered with and bolster students' confidence in their education while also alleviating worries about everyday necessities.

Outside of her creative endeavors, Geni finds pure joy in outdoor adventures. Whether she's exploring picturesque landscapes with her husband, two wonderful kids, and their furry companion Chewy, or embarking on thrilling journeys, she cherishes the moments that create lifelong memories.

In the Classroom


To raise a bold, confident and accomplished generation, unencumbered by socioeconomic background or upbringing.

School Bus & Children
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